About Us

107-systems is a world-wide group of talented volunteers with a focus on joint development of reusable open-software/open-hardware building blocks for robotic applications.

Alexander Entinger

Alexander Entinger is a highly experienced embedded engineer with a focus on robotic systems. By providing hard-won expertise designing embedded systems for real-world embedded applications Alexander Entinger is helping companies developing robotic systems or components for robotic systems to achieve their desired business outcomes.

Pavel Kirienko

As CEO & CTO of Zubax Robotics Pavel Kirienko is helping enterprises around the world create aerial transport of the 21-st century: electric, autonomous, dependable.

Bernhard Mayer

Bernhard Mayer is an experienced electronics engineer who's designing and building the customised hardware for 107-system's robotic projects.

Per Tillisch

Per Tillisch is our go-to person for any kind of automation using GitHub Actions, he's extremely versatile and is an autodidact Python and Go programmer. Furthermore he's an accomplished glassblower - you can check out his creations here.

Jonas Wühr

Together with Bernhard Mayer Jonas Wühr has participated in numerous robotic competitions bringing a wealth of real-world experience to the team. He's an all-rounder working on both firmware and ROS code.

Cyphal on Arduino

We have ported Cyphal to Arduino which provides a convenient C++ interface via Arduino library. This allows to easily create firmware for various Cyphal-enabled sensors and actuators thereby drastically reducing development time.

L3X-Z Hexapod Robot

L3X-Z is a mixed electric/hydraulic hexapod robot built with ROS and Cyphal for participation in various real-world robot competitions.

Viper MAV

The goal of the Viper MAV project is to build a Arduino MKR Vidor 4000 based quadcopter flight controller with all the features found in state-of-the art quadcopter designs making resourceful use of all components (MCU, FPGA, WiFi NINA, …) located on the Vidor 4000 in order to control a Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV) utilising the Cyphal protocol.